Dangers of Not Treating Tooth Grinding

When it comes to treating various dental health issues it is never really OK to wait or put off any of them. Whether it is a simple toothache, a festering sore, or it has simply been too long since your last cleaning, when it comes to oral health the most important thing is taking care of it regularly.

But while any type of problem with your teeth and gums should always be dealt with in an expedient manner, there are certain problems that can cause more damage in a shorter amount of time than others. One such example would be teeth grinding, both the daytime awake version and the nighttime, while-you-are-asleep kind. To look a little bit deeper into what can come as a result of consistent tooth grinding, let’s examine a couple of issues:

Loss of Tooth Enamel

The first danger of unchecked tooth grinding is that it can damage the protective coating on them called enamel. This helps to protect you from the various effects that food, beverages, acids, and everything else that comes in contact with your teeth can have on them. And once enamel is gone, it doesn’t come back.

Head, Ear, and Toothaches

Another problem stemming from teeth grinding is the pain that it can cause. Because the muscles in the face and jaw clinch so hard and for so long during these sessions, it can lead to anything from moderate to significant pain anywhere in the face. This includes not only the teeth themselves, but also the cheeks, temples, sinuses, and basically everywhere else.

If you are in need of treatment to help correct you or a loved one’s habit of grinding your teeth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at our office immediately. We are ready to help you as soon as possible.