Getting Straighter Teeth Can Boost Your Oral Health

When most people come into our office wanting to talk about straightening their teeth, they usually do so for cosmetic reasons. They’re embarrassed by their smile or don’t like how a few teeth are crooked. They want them straightened for visual purposes, but there are actually many oral health reasons to straighten your teeth. Here are a few of them.

Gum Health

Having straighter teeth helps keep your gums healthy. When there are odd spaces between teeth or when your teeth are crowded together, it can weaken the gums, leading to periodontal disease. This makes your gums swell up and often causes bleeding when you brush.

Your Teeth Will Last Longer

When your teeth are straight, they wear down at the same rate. When some are crooked, those teeth may wear down much more quickly because they rub against other teeth. For example, if your bottom teeth are crooked, one may stick out a bit more than the others, and it may rub against the back of an upper tooth. The enamel on both of these teeth then wears down more quickly than it should.

Your Teeth Won’t Be at Risk

Teeth that aren’t aligned right can stick out, putting them more at risk of damage if you’re in any type of accident. These teeth are more likely to crack or even break off if you get hit in the face since they’re not in line with the rest. Crooked teeth also often develop cavities more quickly or have worse cavities than other teeth. This is because it’s often more difficult to clean these teeth since they’re all crowded together. You can’t always easily get floss down in between them. Do you have a few crocked teeth you want taken care of? Give us a call today to schedule a consultation so you can take back your smile!