Life May Get Busy But You Still Need to Prioritize Your Oral Health

We understand that your life is crazy. You have family obligations, a crazy work schedule, and projects- all vying for your attention. We get it. However, just as you make time to make healthy eating choices and exercise a priority, you need to make your oral health a priority as well.

If you don’t make your oral health a priority, your teeth may tell you you’re neglecting them- in not so pleasant ways. If you don’t understand why you need to prioritize your oral health, we have some reasons it is so important below.

Oral Health Is Important

While you are busy, running around like a crazy person, we want to ask you to pause a minute and think about your oral health. Are you brushing your teeth for two minutes, two times a day? Are you flossing twice a day? Are you visiting with a dentist twice a year, and getting your teeth checked? If you’re not, you are putting yourself at risk for tooth problems.

If you don’t make oral health a priority, you may begin to develop health problems associated with your mouth. Lack of dental care and personal care of your teeth can lead to cavities, because the food particles in your teeth are eaten by bacteria, which over time eats holes in your teeth to create cavities. Over time, cavities can become large, and affect the tooth. You can get pain, inflammation and infections. The bacteria in infections can spell real trouble for your body.

Those little bacteria can travel from your mouth to other parts of your body and cause heart disease and strokes. The bacteria can also make some chronic conditions worse, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. You can also suffer from tooth loss, which leads to loss of bone mass in your mouth, making you look older.

If you are looking for ways to improve your oral health, why not give us a call today? We can schedule an appointment to talk with you about your oral health picture.