Parsley Can Give You Better Breath

For quite some time now people have been trying to freshen their breath by using parsley. This is something that’s been proven to work, not an old wives’ tale.

Why Parsley Will Freshen Your Breath

Parsley has a strong, fresh flavor that acts as a natural deodorizer. Additionally, the fact that parsley has a deep green color is a sign that it contains a lot of chlorophyll. Many people believe that this has some natural antibacterial properties.

Other Benefits of Eating Parsley

Besides containing a lot of chlorophyll, parsley also contains a high level of the flavonoid apigenin. Some studies suggest that this contains great anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. This will help with your digestive tract too – another area where debris gathers and bacteria grows, giving you bad breath.

How Much Parsley is too Much

The U.S. FDA recognizes the consumption of parsley as being safe. However, you shouldn’t consume large amounts of it. This is because eating more than is commonly found in foods you’d enjoy can be dangerous. It can result in problems with your kidneys or liver. Additionally, it may also cause you to develop anemia.

One way you’ll know that you’ve consumed too much parsley is because it’s a diuretic, which means that it’ll make you pee more than normal.

You also don’t want to start eating parsley seed oil. While this is safe for the use in food, it isn’t safe if it touches your skin. Not only could this possibly cause a rash, but it may also make you extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Anyone who’s allergic to carrots, celery, or fennel should also avoid parsley. Since you’re allergic to these things, it’s also quite possible for you to be allergic to parsley as well.

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