Ways Lasers Can Improve the Health of Your Mouth

Lasers have been improving dentistry for about two decades and have many uses that can improve the health of your mouth. Lasers are one of the best choices for many procedures because they’re less invasive than making an incision and using stitches.

This clean technology usually makes a procedure more relaxed for the patient and easier for our dentists.

How Lasers Improve Your Oral Health

Aside from being easier on the patient, lasers provide more precise treatment. Using lasers is an ideal way to help patients who are anxious about visiting our office. Perhaps they can’t tolerate the sound that comes with the use of many of our tools.

Some of the ways in which lasers can improve the health of your mouth are:

  • Cavities – lasers are not only used to set the filling when a cavity is filled, but they can also be used to remove decay and to prepare the enamel for the filling.
  • Gum disease – when there is gum disease present, a laser can be used for gingival contouring or the reshaping of the gum tissue. They are also used to remove bacteria.
  • Lesion repair – if you suffer from canker sores or mouth ulcers regularly, you probably feel the discomfort that comes with them acutely. Using lasers to treat these bothersome lesions or to take a biopsy from them if they are suspicious.

Lasers are used in our office many times, and while many insurance companies do not cover them for cosmetic purposes, some patients request to use this technology. Aside from treating specific conditions, we also use lasers to remove stains in teeth whitening treatments.

If you have any questions about ways lasers can improve the health of your mouth, please let us know. We would also like to hear from you about your successful treatment with laser technology.