What Your Teeth Get When You Spend Time Out in the Sun

When summer approaches, people’s thoughts turn to fun and games outside. The summer is the chance to get out in the sun and soak up all the health benefits that it offers the body.

While some will focus on developing the perfect tan when out in the sun, there are other things going on that are just as important. It might not seem possible, but your teeth benefit from the rays of the sun.

The Effect of Vitamin D

Exposing your body to the sunlight helps it get Vitamin D. The foods and vitamins you eat provide the body with calcium. Absorbing Vitamin D helps improve the health of your teeth. When Vitamin D enters the body, it activates the calcium that you got from other sources. The activated calcium can then go through the body to provide help where needed.

You may have developed numerous weak spots in your mouth that can benefit from the calcium. The jawbone, the teeth and the enamel of the teeth all benefit when they get calcium. They get stronger and that improves your dental health.

Stronger teeth mean you are less likely to suffer cracked or broken teeth. Restoring the enamel can prevent tooth decay and cavities. Healthy teeth help keep your gums healthy which prevents more problems.

Some may think that they can get Vitamin D without turning to the sun. Supplements are not as effective at giving your body Vitamin D as sunlight is at helping your body absorb it. It is also more fun to go out in the sun than it is to take a pill every day.

When you do try to get more sun to help your teeth, do not forget the sunblock. You want the health benefits of sun and not the dangers such as sunburn.

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