Teeth Whitening

Your teeth are a major component of the quality of your smile. A beautiful, confident smile has the power to leave a positive, lasting impression on those around you. An imperfect smile can leave an impression, too, but not the one you were hoping to leave. Discolored teeth not only diminish the quality of your smile, but they can also significantly impact your confidence. You may find that you hide your mouth every time you want to smile or laugh. These small gestures do not go unnoticed. At Blue Summit Dental Group, we can help to restore the brilliant white shine to your teeth with teeth whitening.

Causes of Discoloration

There are several factors that can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth.
• Certain foods and beverages. Some of the things you eat and drink, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and chocolate, all contain dark pigments that stick to the enamel and dull its brightness.
• Tobacco products. Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain numerous chemicals. Tar and nicotine can both lead to discoloration.
• Certain types of medications. Some medications, such as certain types of blood pressure and asthma medications, as well as some antibiotics, can lead to deep, dark stains.
• Your age. As you get older, the enamel begins to develop microfractures, which catch and hold stains and pigments. The enamel also wears away as you age, allowing the darker dentin layer to show through.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening can be done in one of two ways, in our office or your own home. Whitening in our office, also called chairside whitening, takes only an hour of your time. After we clean your teeth, we apply a whitening gel, to your teeth and shine a UV light over your mouth. The light activates the whitening agent. This agent breaks down, forming oxygen bubbles that enter the enamel and bleach away stains. Chairside whitening brightens your teeth several shades, and the results are noticeable immediately.

With take-home trays, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. We custom create whitening trays for your mouth and provide you with the whitening agent. The trays are designed to be worn for several hours twice a day or overnight while you sleep. Treatment times vary based on your specific needs, and results begin to show usually within a week.

Benefits of Professional Whitening

There are a variety of whitening products available for sale in your local supermarket. These products tout amazing results in a short period of time. They are also marketed as affordable. So, why, with all of these products available, would you want to go with professional whitening? There are numerous benefits of professional whitening:

• Real, long-term results. Over the counter, products promise that your teeth will be several shades whiter in very little time. However, these products contain only low levels of whitening agents and rarely deliver the results they promise. It can take several treatments before even minor results are visible.
• Customized treatment. Whether you chose chairside whitening or take-home trays, we can customize your treatment to your specific needs.
• Sensitivity management. Teeth whitening can cause some temporary tooth sensitivity. We can customize a method for you, to help you manage this sensitivity for a more comfortable experience.

With bright white teeth, your smile, and your confidence are restored. You will find yourself smiling at every opportunity and leaving the impressions you want on those around you. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Blue Summit Dental Group today at (810) 658-9177.

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