Children's Dentistry

You know how important regular oral care is for preventing serious issues and keeping your mouth healthy. Did you know that proper oral care is just as important for your child? Just like you, your child should be brushing and flossing every day. They should also have their teeth professionally cleaned and examined at least twice a year. At Blue Summit Dental Group, we provide the services your child needs so that their mouth develops properly and stays happy and healthy.


Professional, twice yearly cleanings are an integral component of good oral care for your child, performed to eliminate the buildup of plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the surfaces of their teeth to aid in the prevention of cavities and gum disease. The cleaning begins with a thorough scraping of the teeth, which can remove even the most stubborn tartar that cannot be removed with a toothbrush. After the teeth have been scraped, they are polished with an electric handpiece and a special dental polish. The polish contains abrasives that help to scrub the teeth to a beautiful shine. Cleanings are completed with flossing.


It is also recommended for your child to have their mouth examined at least twice a year. Exams are typically done in the same visit as their cleanings. During these exams, we thoroughly inspect their teeth looking for signs of cavities and other damage and inspect their gums for gum disease. We assess the alignment of their teeth and their jaw.

Dental x-rays are a crucial part of the dental exam. X-rays allow us to see the areas of the mouth that we cannot see with our eyes, such as between the teeth and under the gums. We can monitor the development of the jaw as well as the development of the adult teeth. These images can also help to determine the need for orthodontic treatment.


Because children often have a more difficult time properly cleaning their teeth, and they are more likely to skimp on their brushing and flossing, they are at a greater risk of developing cavities. Fluoride treatments are a way to provide an additional layer of protection for their teeth. These treatments are designed to strengthen their enamel, protecting the teeth from the acid attacks of plaque and oral bacteria.

Fluoride treatments are quick, simple, and completely painless. After their teeth have been cleaned, a fluoridated gel is applied to their surfaces. That is it. The gel does not need to be rinsed away. It is recommended that your child avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after treatment. The fluoride in the gel absorbs directly into the enamel, going to work strengthening it. Fluoride can also reverse early stages of tooth decay.


Sealants are another preventative measure against the development of cavities. This particular treatment is applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars, where food and oral bacteria can get trapped, and may be difficult to remove. Sealants are a quick, simple procedure. After cleaning the teeth, an acid etch is applied to the molars, which creates a rough texture. After the acid is removed, the teeth are dried and the sealant material, made up of plastic and other materials, is applied. Sealants block the deep crevices of the molars, preventing buildup, and making the teeth easier to clean.

Proper oral care will help your child to keep their mouth healthy well into adulthood.

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