Night Guards

Here Is Why You Need Night Guards

Teeth grinding and clenching, otherwise known as bruxism, are common among so many people. To protect your teeth from this subconscious habit, night guards are highly recommended. Often, only the upper teeth get a cover. However, if you have a dental appliance like braces, both the lower and upper teeth get night covers. At Blue Summit Dental Group, we make high-quality night guards to keep your teeth healthy. We understand how teeth in good shape are important to your comfort, confidence, and overall welfare. Our primary concern is to serve you with the best possible dental care we can provide. Our caring service is coupled with the use of modern technology so that you can flash your best smile.

It Is the Best Protection for Your Teeth

Studies have revealed that at least 8% of the population experience bruxism. Stress is said to be the major reason behind this, which can be quite challenging to address. Thus, the best route is to treat the symptoms.

The tooth has enamel, which is a hard-mineralized covering. Underneath it is a calcified tissue called dentin. Repeated and untreated grinding can erode the tooth enamel, then through the dentin, leading to the exposure of the pulp of nerves and vessels. This will not only be aesthetically unpleasant, it can also lead to immense pain. The night guards will make sure you are protected from the discomfort and ache. Clenching and grinding can be painful to the jaw and around the cheeks. This strain in the jaw muscles is felt once you wake up and is very uncomfortable. Having guards gives cushion between the teeth, thus safeguarding the jaw muscles from intense tension. The best part about having guards is you get to sleep better, and the person you sleep with will have uninterrupted slumber as well.

It Is Not as Painful as You May Think

Like any other dental appliance, wearing a night guard needs some getting used to. Most patients need about a week of usage for it to feel normal. There are others who need at least a month. The time may vary depending on the tolerance of a person, but this is natural.

Those people you have heard or know complain about how painful their guards are may not have gotten a custom fitted guard. This is the risk of not hiring the services of competent and reliable dental professionals. It may cause more harm than good.

To keep things going, it is highly recommended that you wear it for several hours before sleeping in it just to get the hang of using it.

We Are the Dental Service Provider to Call

Bruxism damages your teeth. Repeated clenching and grinding can result in costly and painful procedures. So, call Blue Summit Dental Group for the top of the line custom made night guards. You do not want cracked or worn-down teeth that will eventually turn yellow or need to be extracted. You need your pearly whites to remain that way and in the peak of health. Commit to a stunning smile and teeth in tip-top shape. Let Blue Summit Dental Group take care of you.

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