Root Canal Therapy

For many patients, finding out that they need a root canal can fill them with panic. There are so many myths surrounding what a root canal is and what it does that there can be much confusion. Root canal therapy is a fairly simple procedure that can help to greatly improve your oral health. If you need a root canal, Blue Summit Dental Group can help.

What are the Reasons for a Root Canal?

Root canals are commonly performed when a tooth has become infected by bacteria. Root canal therapy helps to eliminate the infection by removing the infected pulp and bacteria from inside of the tooth. You may need a root canal in the case of significant decay, suffering a cracked or chipped tooth, dental trauma that has affected the root of the tooth, a faulty dental crown, or having to undergo repeated dental procedures on a single tooth.

Possible Signs and Symptoms You Might Need a Root Canal

One of the biggest signs that a root canal might be needed is a constant toothache. This pain often occurs during eating, or when pressure is applied to the tooth. Even without stimulation, your tooth may still hurt, though. You could just be sitting still doing nothing, and there is a constant ache in your mouth. The toothache may extend into the bone, which can indicate that an abscess has formed. You may have a discharge from the tooth. Your gums may swell around the affected tooth. You may also notice that the tooth becomes discolored.

Why Get a Root Canal Instead of an Extraction?

Many patients think that it is better to have an infected tooth extracted rather than undergoing a root canal. However, this simply is not the case. Extracting a tooth can be much more traumatic. Moreover, in addition to removing the tooth, you then have to have it replaced. This means more appointments and additional costs tacked onto the original cost of the extraction.

Will Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about root canal therapy. We perform root canal therapy under a local anesthetic. This means that you will feel no pain during the procedure. You may experience some minor pain after the local anesthetic wears off, but it subsides in just a few days. Once you have healed from your procedure, you should feel no more pain.

Does a Root Canal Work?

Root canal therapy does work. After we remove the pulp and disinfect the inside of the tooth, the tooth is filled with gutta-percha. This material seals the canals and protects them from new bacteria. After the tooth is filled, it will be provided with a permanent filling or crown, which helps to strengthen the tooth and provide additional protection. A successful root canal can restore normal function to the tooth, which means that it can stay in your mouth for the rest of your life.

Root canal therapy can help to restore your oral health and protect the tooth from future harm. Call Blue Summit Dental Group at (810) 658-9177 to schedule your appointment today.

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