Cleaning Your Dental Implants

Blue Summit Dental Group is proud to offer dental implants. Dental implants have quickly become the most popular choice for meeting tooth replacement needs. This unique treatment uses small titanium posts to support ceramic crowns. The posts are surgically implanted into your jawbone, where they are integrated into the jaw to provide secure, stable support. Along with restoring the functions of your missing teeth and your smile, implants also can stimulate your jawbone like the roots of your natural teeth, stopping and preventing bone loss in your jaw. While dental implants do not require the same tedious care as traditional dentures, they must still be cleaned. Proper cleaning of your implants ensures that they function properly and last you a long time.

The Importance of Cleaning Implants

Even though implants are fake teeth, they still need to be cleaned and well taken care of. The ceramic crowns cannot suffer decay and cavities, but plaque and bacteria can still accumulate on their surfaces. When this happens, you can develop gum disease. If gum disease occurs and is not treated, your gums can begin to pull away from your teeth and your gums, allowing bacteria to fall below. There, they begin attacking the jawbone, causing it to weaken. Should this happen, the stability of the implants becomes compromised. It can also lead to complete implant failure, resulting in the need for an implant replacement.

Cleaning Your Implants at Home

Just like your natural teeth, the crowns of your implants need regular daily care. Even if all of your teeth have been replaced, this care is crucial. Fortunately, cleaning your dental implants is simple. They can be cared for just like natural teeth. You can, and should, brush them at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste. Every time you brush, you should do so for two full minutes. In addition to brushing, you should be flossing at least once a day. This helps not only to remove buildup from between all of your teeth, implants included, but it also helps to prevent cavities between your real teeth. All of these steps are critical for preventing buildup, enabling you to maintain a healthy mouth, and ensuring that your implants last a long time.

Professional Cleanings for Your Implants

A majority of the cleaning your dental implants receive is performed in your own home. However, even if all of your teeth have been replaced, it is still important that you have regular dental visits at least twice a year. During these visits, we help to clean your natural teeth, as well as your implants and can examine them for any signs of damage. Professionally cleaning your dental implants is similar to cleaning your real teeth. First, the crowns are scraped clean, which is done to remove all buildup that has accumulated on their surfaces. Next, all of your teeth, implants included, are polished. Finally, we floss your teeth to remove all of the buildup from between them, including anything that may have collected there during your appointment.

Taking good care of your dental implants is essential to ensuring their functionality and their lifespan. If you have any questions about the care of your dental implants, call Blue Summit Dental Group today at (810) 658-9177.
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